Two Color Satin Ribbon

İki Renkli Saten Kurdele



Two color ribbons are used in packaging accessories and decoration materials you need everyday with its narrow woven ribbons and ribbons and the printing applications made on them with various printing techniques, keeps up with the technological age and has a double sided satin ribbon and accessories. If you are wondering what benefits to achieve, we would like to explain immediately. You will get the best and fastest supply of our products  you will use on your special days, gift packages in your product boxes, various organizations and presentations. 

There are no limits in Printing and dying upon the ribbons products

Paints and chemicals used in dyeing and printing of ribbons are selected from raw materials that do not harm human health and the environment and required documents, Reports and standard certificates are required from the related supply channels. It is also suitable to use our products on packaged food boxes and packages. , you can have unlimited color options, the colors you want are prepared and applied in our own dyeing laboratory as well painting and printing processes are done in our own system with our integrated systems.

Width and Measurements are required for order process

You can see what width and size you want in our tables and you can receive your orders in the direction you specify. You can create your double-sided satin ribbon orders that will be performed by Aslan Dar Dokum in a way that suits your taste and interests. This way, you can enjoy the pleasure of having these products which have a lot of variety and which will be delivered to you in the most convenient way. You can shape your wishes according to what purpose you will use them and reach your goal without losing any time. Do not forget to contact us to learn more and get more information on prices