Chiffon Ribbon

Şifon Kurdele

We provide fast and practical solutions to our customers and deliver the products in the most suitable conditions to their requests. In this direction, we can refer to the fact that the people who prefer us will reach to many models of ribbon in a short time. We want to talk about the advantages of one of these, the chiffon ribbons, and the easy ordering possibilities. We deliver the best quality  ribbons we produce in Turkey to all addresses in the direction of requests coming from all over the world. In this way, you can get the best quality products you will want to have for transparency and for embroidery, handmade ornamentation.


Width  Packaging
25mm 50/100m
40mm 50/100m



You will be able to reach your goals in a shorter time with ribbon in every color according to the requests of the customers. You will be happy to see how comfortable you will be with this product as you will use it in accordance with the colors of the floor you want to work with. To examine the color chart and see what you'll notice when you use the ribbon, you can start browsing our website to see the variety.


With the Aslan Dar Dokum, you can choose certain dimensions and widths for your ribbon requests after you have created your orders. You can also use our web pages and product gallries to finalize your ribbon orders of your choice with your desired length and color. 


Our company, which has been drawing your attention to the fact that chemical substances and used dyes are not harmful to the environment and people, prefer highly quality options in painting techniques. So you are delighted with the details that will please you and we hope you will contact us after visiting our pages to show you how satisfied you are with the results