Silvery Edge Ribbon

Silvery Edge Ribbos are mostly used in gift packages, floral bouquets, organizations, celebrations and hobby decorations, will make you and your friends happy with their stylish looks and decorative features. Please contact us after reviewing our products gallery in order to choose the right product and get quality products,



Width Packaging
3,5mm 750m
6mm 500m
10mm 250m
15mm 200m
20mm 50/100m
25mm 25/50/100m
30mm 25/50/100m
40mm 25/50/100m
50mm 25/50/100m
60mm 25/50/100m

Our company provides great convenience both in ribbon width and color variety. It offers the most suitable alternatives for special occasions, traditional colors and beauties. We can also say that among the ribbon used in many areas, those with silver are more noticeable. You can start making your decisions immediately through our product gallery waiting for production. 

In order to take smooth and perfect steps in your orders, you will reach your target in a much shorter time if you communicate with our team which acts extremely fast and responds immediately. When you take these steps you want to gain convenience and advantage, you will realize that you never regret it. Aslan Dar Dokum web site give you a great opportunity to take a step by step, providing the most uninterrupted and unlimited services 7/24.