About Us

Company has started trade profession with paper products and packaging materials in 1994 later on in the year 2004 took decision for production and started weaving products in December 2005. We will never giveup with our priority upon quality, smiling supports to our valuable customers. Our company produce and market of all kinds of dark weaving products specifically always about saten, grognen and all kinds of ribbons used in in various packaging, decoration and textile accessories purpose.

Aslan Dar Dokum is your solution partner for the quality products, timely delivery and competitive prices of the customers who are in need of customer service.

Aslan Dar Dokum has become more healthy and faster decision-making ability in 2010 due to the separation of partners from the end-shareholding partners, and it has increased the possibilities of dealing with more valuable customers with the investment of new opportunities and production decisions. However, "Aslan Dar Dokum" despite the fact that it is our trademark, we have started to use the "Aslan Baskili Kurdele" domestically after the change of the partnership structure in order to have the separated partner of the domain name in our web pages belong to the property. This knowledge is provided to the customers in order to prevent the clashes in this issue.

- Why satin ribbons? if you will ask a polygraph;

The answer of Aslan Dar Dokum

- Every person's life must have experiences with a ribbon for example wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary day, special occasion like velentine's day, holiday, meetings. We wish you to be your solution partner in the shortest time possible to meet your Kurdish holy people and have plenty of ribbon happy days.

Vision of Aslan Dar Dokum:

Our vision is to create solutions to the needs of our customers by adapting to the developing technologies of present times in the fastest way and to choose these targets as a target to keep human health, environment sensitivities and employees hapiness while producing these solutions.

Mission of Aslan Dar Doku

Our mission as Aslan Dar Dokum is to provide our customers with the best quality products, the fastest way, the most reasonable prices and to find solutions to their needs.